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Extremism Thrives on Rejection and the Fear of Being Forgotten

What Really Anchors People into Dangerous Movements

When I think about what anchored me down to my former beliefs, I realized that it wasn't only because I was a broken, vulnerable person running on learned behavior, it was because I wanted to be a part of something bigger. I thought I found home in the Alt-Right. A place where I can make history for my people to finally flourish and take back what I thought was ours. At the time, I didn’t really value myself and I knew that the world wasn’t going to remember me as an individual. So in order to be what I thought was important, I wanted to do anything in my power for my people and the movement in order for us to be back on top. I wanted to be a part of something "great" and familiar because I felt like the rest of society was constantly shitting on me for being white, for coming from a conservative background, for being different. I was constantly without fail treated like the enemy. 

I felt like I was pushed out so being in the Alt-Right, I felt liberated. I thought, “What can I do for my brothers and sisters? How can I boost the ones in the public eye that do have a voice for us? The ones that do have more power over the media and the masses?”

So I began to make plans. I was ready to create my own organization for women nationalists that wanted to do their part. I wanted to have my own podcast to spread more propaganda and news for the Alt-Right. I wanted my own band to recruit more people because I knew with my lyrics, it would attract a lot of people at once and grab a lot of attention. My whole life I’ve always been soaked in rejection and when I got in the movement, I was met with open arms by other members. So being someone who is naturally loyal (and not knowing their loyalty would be conditional), I wanted to give back to my people.

Rejection is an easy tool for recruitment. One national socialist who I knew in the movement would always use it to gain more attention of white people. He would constantly send out posts on Twitter daily in the popular hashtags. The content of his posts thrived on the idea of rejection that he was sure that white people would and will receive from people of color.  He is this 30-year-old man who’s been radicalized since he was 15. I would always see him post messages to recruit new people in by saying “No matter how liberal you are they’re still gonna hate you, no matter how loving, caring and compassion you are, they’re still gonna hate you. Wake up white people.” They, of course, being every other race. He would focus on rejection to isolate white people to bring them in.

It’s the same tactic used to make white people believe that they’re going to be forgotten. Members of the Alt-Right will show new ones that because people of color want to be included more in history, pop culture and society while tearing apart the confederate flag and park statues that these are ‘clear warnings’ of white genocide. Propagandists will use this to their advantage. They will also use examples of interracial couples in advertising, black on white crimes, Sweden’s attacks similar to South Africas as a way to manipulate minds and enforce their narrative.

Rejection from society. Fear of being forgotten as a race—two things that can be used to recruit more people. Because once you’re radicalized, more powerful members will make you finally feel accepted. They make you feel like family fighting against this evil enemy even when the truth is, there is none. Extremism thrives on these things in order to create soldiers for a suicide mission and you don’t even realize how dark of a place you get in until you leave the movement and see the truth. 

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Extremism Thrives on Rejection and the Fear of Being Forgotten
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