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EU In or UK Out?

Political Indecision!

On the 29th of March 2019, the UK will leave the EU.

Now, this is very easy to say, but it's being made almost impossible to implemented by a wide range of people and political groups who have a vested interest in keeping the UK exactly where it is at the moment.

The question is why are these people so desperate to be controlled by the EU super state?

Part of the reason I think is to do with leaving something that has been part of the lives of millions of people for the past 45 years. So, for some people, this has been for their entire life.

These people are in a state of panic. They cannot comprehend the idea of having to leave, what to them is part of their country.

I was 20 years old when the UK joined what was called the Common Market. I was more interested in the allure of girls and alcohol, and in my case, not necessarily in that order.

I probably didn't vote in that referendum because it wasn't going to make any difference to me or anyone else I knew. It was a time when the world was a much bigger place than it is now.

Overseas travel was just beginning to become more popular and affordable to the "working class."

Living in a very small village, my parents owned the local garage. We had always had many European visitors either staying in the village hotels, or stopping for fuel as they travelled between the two tourists hot spots, Pitlochry and Braemar.

I don't remember any upsurge in "foreign" tourism after becoming part of the Common Market.

We mostly saw French, Dutch, and German visitors, with a smattering of Scandinavian families.

If my memory serves me well, I actually think there were more overseas visitors prior to joining the rest of Europe.

Anyway, back to the present day and the shambles known as Brexit.

For the life of me, I can only think that this mess has been caused deliberately to create apprehension and fear amongst the public, in order to make whatever final decision a huge relief, regardless of how it impacts on trade and industry.

There can be very little doubt that this has been badly handled by our public servants, who are supposed to be representing our views in Parliament.

I hear some of them saying, "Parliament will have to take control."

If that isn't one of the most ridiculous statements ever made, I'm a croissant.

These politicians don't even have control of themselves. The people voted to leave the EU for better or worse. The politicians have done nothing more than try to change this decision. Mostly because they are tied in some way with the long tentacles of the giant squid, which is the EU.

I honestly believe that a group of people picked at random from the public could have made a better job of negotiating the UK out of the EU.

Politicians cannot be trusted to be honest when they are looking out for their own interests. This is a dreadful situation for the country and the people.

The present crop of politicians aren't fit for purpose and they should be sacked immediately and replaced.

Unfortunately, this isn't really possible, but whatever happens regarding the EU and the UK, at the next general election the people will not forget the way they have been treated by this arrogant useless bunch of bottom feeding parasites.

Time for people to think about what they want from life, and stop allowing others to dictate their lives.

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EU In or UK Out?
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