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Equality and the Law

All are the same.

Equality and Law

I see many calls for equality and I fully support the idea that any given amount of time, effort, skill, success, training, ability and application, should have one reward regardless of who is performing the work and expending the effort. All people should also be equal in Law.

I also think that with equality of reward comes equality of responsibility.

There are some areas where equality is being demanded but apparently without a willingness to have equality of responsibility or effort. A couple of examples: professional tennis, when a tournament requires some players to play 5 set matches then, if equality of prize money is to be paid to all players, then all players must play 5 set matches.

In the law it is wrong that a person shown to have made false accusations still have their identity protected while the wrongly accused does not. Equality means everyone is treated the same in every circumstance; you can not have an exception for one gender of accuser in one aspect of law.

In politics I see, especially on Facebook, demands that right wing political posts are blocked while left wing ones are not.

All political parties distort truth. All political posts are subject to bias by their originators. Left wing posts are just as guilty of this as right wing ones. I saw one claiming many countries have socialist governments with policies that are advocated by Mr. Corbyn and these, it was claimed, are all prosperous nations. The fact is that none of these nations have a policy of nationalising all the large scale enterprises within their boarders. Mr. Corbyn apparently does. The wealth claimed for these nations does not always stand up to detail scrutiny.

Right wing posts are also distortions of truth, often resorting to falsification of pictures and presentation of facts.

All distortion is wrong. The false claims by the early climate change lobby, are just as misleading and wrong as are claims that the climate is not changing. It is, it always has been since before humans evolved. Human ability to stop it is non existent, no matter how many laws are made.

Lies and distortion are killing democracy.

Equality can only be obtained when the various factions all start being truthful. This will mean telling people things that the faction may wish were not true, but if they are true then they must be told.

In Britain the criminal justice system is based on the police obtaining all the facts and evidence that are connected to an event, they then take this to the prosecution service who decide if there should be a court hearing and so a judgement passed. If they do decide on prosecution then they and the police are obliged to pass all the evidence and factual information to the defendant. The defence team should not, under the present criminal justice system, carry out their own investigation into facts and evidence. There have been many recent cases where the police have been selective in what they pass to the defence and this is causing miscarriage of justice claims. This can only lead to the need for defence teams to conduct their own investigations, do their own forensic work and establish their own version of fact. This changes the whole British criminal justice system and means either the state has to finance this defence investigation or the poor have no defence and no justice within the law. This is the opposite of equality under the law.

Equality in law means there should never be a mention of gender, race, wealth, colour, age, or mental capacity. All should be equal and the law need not define the status of anyone.

The adversarial nature of court hearings, where the intent is to win the case, distorts equality since the less gifted and less aggressive people tend to be defeated by the stronger opponents. Truth no longer seems involved and justice is abandoned. Equality is abandoned.

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Equality and the Law
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