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Dear Trump

A letter from Denmark.

Photo by Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash

Dear Donald Trump

It is ironic how often we talk about how we speak and why we talk. Mainly because we never really agree on an answer that everyone can live with. However, we all have a tendency to let the discussion die out because grandfather can never be convinced of anything regardless of the number of arguments and evidence. So we're talking and talking but never settle on anything. Therefore, it is not so strange to discuss the connection between words and action. 

Christian Koch, professor of rhetoric at the University of Copenhagen said in a radio interview on the network P, podcasted the 10th September 2011 that "it is clear that words have an impact. If not language would never have occurred. So to say that there is no connection between words and action or that words have no effect is pure nonsense." An opinion which defends the basic philosophy of the diplomacy. Word is man's most potent weapon. Words can not only push a victim of bullying over the edge, but a negative discourse can also wipe out entire nations, such as we have seen throughout history. So if words can persuade an individual to hold a knife to the throat, then it is also possible to influence other people's political opinions as well as the perception of right and wrong, provided that the speaker has the word in his power. With the words in your power, one possesses the ability to do harm. If one is particularly charismatic and compelling, so can 'pure nonsense' even make you President, as you have now discovered.

You do not need to search for long before you bump into countless articles and experts who speak out about this. "But the WordMaps analysis is interesting because it shows that Trump almost is 'anti rhetorician'. He rarely has a point, but speaks rather loosely in a stream of consciousness-like state, Mark Herron believes "Via anti rhetoric and disempowerment of words through words, you have managed to convince an entire population that a wall at the border is an absolute necessity, but how is this possible, when your only rhetorical ploys are lack of a point? Perhaps it shows just how easy it is to convince people, as long as you seem confident enough on the topic.

Words without content are forming a position due to the fact that people hear exactly what they want to hear. Exactly like when you speak upon subjects such as history and end the statement with an "it was just something I read," which disclaims all responsibility, but at the same time manages to sound informed and cultural. That kind of talk is like the sound of alcohol and the scent of infinity: open to interpretation. "Trumps ability to act as a counterpart to the controlled political elite is one of his great strengths, says Klaus Kjøller, who is an associate professor emeritus in political communication at the University of Copenhagen." We live in a world where it is a strength to be charismatic regardless of whether there is truth in it or not.

Even without content or truth words have more power than any other world ruler. Because people like you and Hitler use your words to build a wall between black and white, Christians, Muslims, and Jews. You are promoting hatred in the form of a language barrier which does not root in different languages. "It is certainly true, as the analysis shows, that there is not much substance. But the rhetoric works because he's talking directly to people's emotions. And they believe that he can meet their needs if he is elected," said Klaus Kjøller. So maybe it's not the language's goal to provide a statement, but rather to convince others that you have one. because surely it is an artform in itself being able to confuse people to the point where they are open for inputs. It must be said that you have succeeded because, in spite of the whole world's resistance, a man like you managed to win the presidential election.

From a Danish point of view, your presidency was a joke, which suddenly became way too real. I do not care about our political differences. Politics is an endless discussion. But I do care about your ignorance. I do care about the way you make life hard for women, children, and the poor. I do care about your lack of empathy and your obsessive and childlike need to lash out at the media and everyone who speaks up against you. 

Are you proud of yourself? Are you proud to be president despite the majority of the Americans voted for someone else? 

Dear Donald Trump

You have become a school subject in America. We discuss your politics in English class. We discuss your rhetorical devices in Danish class. We discuss your economy and lack of coherence in social studies. You have become the perfect example of how to not lead a country. 

We used to hear about how the United States was the land of dreams. The place with equal opportunities. Somehow you have managed to replace dreams with nightmares and opportunities with restrictions. You keep saying "make America great again," but like most of my fellow students, we doubt that you even know what that means. You live solely to watch the world burn and for your empire to grow bigger. You are a talented businessman who has cooperated an entire country in your firm. But that is all you are. A businessman trying to gain more wealth by undermining everyone else. You will never be a respected politician and you will never have our support. 

The world is watching and we don't like what we see.


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Dear Trump
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