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Dear Trump...

This is not a reality show.

Dear Donald Trump,

This is not a reality show. You might think it is but I'm telling you, it's not. You are not going to succeed at this debacle of a presidency. You will be brought down. All the jokes and lies need to end. What you might think is a funny joke, some believe is a horrible joke. America is really worried at the direction that you're taking us. You act in strange ways and say stupid things. You behave in a childish manner and don't seem to care about what the press has to say. I'll repeat it again. This is not a reality show, Sir. 

This is not The Bachelor. The Bachelor and your past have a lot in common. In the past, You believed that you just pick up any woman you want. Now, you have a beautiful wife. I think one woman is enough Donald. Just saying. Also, saying that you can kiss any beautiful woman because you're the president is mind boggling. In the Bachelor, people are competing for the Rose. You, sir, are competing for the country. Not a rose. The Bachelor and your past have a lot in common. 

This is not Survivor. It is a real life presidency that must be taken seriously. You can't kick people off your team like it's a reality show. It isn't a competition to see who can last the longest in your cabinet. You need to stop with your quick trigger of issuing bad statements and firing people left and right. The GOP is working hard to try and succeed at fixing the economy and stabilizing jobs.        

While "Keeping up with Trump's" would be spectacular to watch, the reality is that it's not that easy. Trump's family is under pressure from their father to be the man that he said he would be during his campaign. A man who would Make America Great Again. All the shaming going on across the country against you has not been beneficial for your family. Your family is affected by everything that you do. Please stop with the nonsense claims and egomaniac acts. It will help you and your families name.

Lost is another example of a reality show that can relate to your presidency. You seem to be unaware of the fact that you are not on an island trapped without getting help for miles. You are the president of the United States and need to direct the people better. Your actions seem to contradict this claim. Directing the people means to stop relying on your own acts but help from others. It's ok to get help. You're not trapped on an island. Ask others for advice and for good directions on how to move forward with your presidency.    

Lastly, I believe sometimes, you think your presidency is like your own reality show, The Apprentice. You fired James Comey out of the blue as if he was a character in your old show. You still think you can just fire people because you have a lot of power. This is not the right way to go about being a president. You need to get your values straighten out. Relax with the firings. 

I hope you comprehend these claims I have made and stop behaving like your in a bunch of reality shows. It will help you in the long run. Start to believe that you can change your ways and make our country great again. I write this letter to you to make you aware of your mistakes and hope to make you turn your presidency around for all of us. 



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Dear Trump...
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