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Dear Theresa...

Leader or loser?

Signing her letter of resignation? 

Dear Theresa.......

When you were given the leadership of the Conservative party and automatically became Prime Minister, I hoped you would make some serious changes in the way your party governed the UK. Unfortunately, even before the calamitous general election, you made many serious errors of judgment. 

The very fact that you gave Boris Johnson the job of Foreign Secretary, showed me you were bereft of talent or clinically insane. Boris is a very clever and amusing fellow, but so is Eddie Izzard, and I wouldn't make him a Foreign Secretary in a Conservative government. 

Your other appointments were just as bizarre. Andrea Leadsom shouldn't even be behind the counter in a ladies underwear emporium, never mind sitting at the cabinet table in Downing Street. She has all the substance of a soap bubble. I have similar reservations about your entire cabinet of boring grey people. 

I realise you were trying to placate your rivals with juicy positions, but there are limits to your generosity. If you really were a leader, you would have tossed those unfit for government aside, and to hell with the consequences. You seem to be in thrall to these utterly incompetent politicians and too weak to stand by your decisions. 

This obviously didn't help when you actually made a bold decision, wrongly in my opinion, and called a general election. This was completely the wrong bold decision. You then sidelined your best electoral asset, Boris, and reaped the result of that decision. You allowed Labour and even the pipsqeak Liberal Democrats, to make you look like a walking disaster area. 

By not taking part in the election debates and ducking out of meetings members of the public face to face without prior arrangement, was another nail in your election coffin. Corbyn leapt at every chance to get his message, however naive, across to his own supporters and beyond. By the end of the campaign, even I was considering voting Labour, despite it being a wasted vote in my constituency. 

Do you now see why Gordon Brown didn't call an election when he was gifted the office of Prime Minister?

You managed, without much apparent effort, to lose a 24% lead in the opinion polls in less than six weeks! This was something of a record for a governing party.  

You have now decided to try and salvage something from this huge misjudgement by getting the DUP* to back your minority government in voting through legislation. Surely this is another poor decision. This will eventually spiral down to a point where either you call another general election or resign from office. You would have been better to have resigned the day after the disaster of the election, which would have been seen as politically brave and the "right thing" to do. Carrying on is yet another sign of not only weakness, but also stubbornness in the face of futility. 

You had a chance to get out with some honour and pride. But your character could not allow you. You are not suited to leadership on this scale, and if I'm being honest, you really aren't suited to be in government in any capacity. It is possible you could be a great constituency Member of Parliament, but you have been promoted well beyond your talent level. 

What has happened here is a failure. Plain and simple. You have proved to be unfit to lead and unfit to make tough decisions at the correct times. An intellectually challenged mole could have foreseen the result of your one brave but very wrong decision. 

Leave now before your government is consigned to the builders skip of history. Corbyn is gaining support and will only get stronger.

Now is the time for making your one correct brave decision, and resign post haste. 

*Northern Irish unionist party*

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Dear Theresa...
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