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Dear President Trump

When Congress Is Broken!

We always overcome

President Trump,

First, thank you for running and taking on the enormous undertaking of MAGA. Recently, as talk grew about the large Powerball jackpot, I began to think what could be done with that kind of jackpot... like many others for sure. As a former term limited legislator here in Montana, I have some experience on how difficult the legislative process can be to navigate. Getting comprehensive legislation passed... well Congress has proven lately that is nearly impossible. The dynamics are so complex and fluid that even the most desired public interests cannot be achieved. While I could point to many different failures and problems America faces, I think one need only look at our debt to realize congress is part of our problems.

With that said, let's get back to my thoughts relating to the Powerball jackpot. I thought with the amount after taxes over $400 million one could establish a MAGA Foundation. Forget about Congress. They are hamstrung by the Constitution. Through a careful vetting process of IRS registered taxpayers, a foundation could reform our overall health and welfare systems. 

By reaching out to the most receptive and most in need, which could be easily determined, the foundation could privately reduce the numbers requesting government assistance. Getting many back into the workforce. Something the government can't and shows no interest in doing. The formula is pretty simple actually. 

We reach out to businesses that need and are having difficulty finding workers. For financial assistance with the Foundation, they are guaranteed an agreed upon number of the participants looking to get back to work. Those on assistance that do not want to get off the dole are reported to the government agencies for followup and individual case by case evaluation. Some may need alcohol or drug treatment. Once a determination is made, depending on case by case, they may be required to do public works for their taxpayer assistance if they do not choose the MAGA program. This type of private partnership could eventually have all whom still desire the benefits of a job and the self-gratification that taking care of oneself provides, back to work.

On the healthcare side of the equation, this type of private partnership could yield major rewards in reducing emergency room visits and overall costs on the system. By working with hospitals and monitoring frequency of visitor usage we can also provide alternative solutions for "high use patients." Once this type of monitoring is analyzed and options are provided unpaid patient bills are diminished the overall system is able to handle demand and the costs level out. 

In addition, we incentivize more companies to provide healthy life coverage and life policies. Rewarding those with long life genetics and healthy lifestyle habits and good physical statistics. Heart rates, blood pressure, etc.

Much of this is common sense and may seem like only a broad brush of complicated issues. But, when properly funded, with the right leadership, and uninhibited by many of the regulations and red tape of the bureaucracy, reforms like this can succeed.

In addition, a MAGA private foundation can use its success to establish a steady stream of private funding from the most well heeled and those who have the most to lose with higher taxes or a worthless dollar. By reducing government financial burdens and reducing our national debt, Congress can focus on national security funding and infrastructure. Hopefully they can still handle those basics. 

President Trump, I'm in agreement that our US of A and its best days remain ahead of us. I would like to be part of that and while I didn't win the Powerball, I believe you have the friends and circle of influence to establish the MAGA Foundation. I would love to be part of it and serve my country as I have as a legislator here in Montana and am happy to provide many more details to this strategy.

Again, thank you sir!

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Dear President Trump
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