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Dear President

America, My Sweet America

Dear President Trump,

America, my sweet America, you can be as hard as a lion wanting to be heard and feared and honored, but you can be loving and caring like a little puppy who loves its owner. You can be sour like lemons by making money more valuable than a human being’s life, but you can also be sweet like candy caring for the homeless people and at least giving people money to afford things that they can’t. America, you can make people say, “God Bless America” because they are thankful to be here and have a second chance in life and to have a better future for their kids. Yet you can make people say, “Why did I come here?" After a hard life a person lived and had before coming to you because they have not yet been paid respect for how hard they have worked here. America, you can make people happy you can make people sad, you can also make life easy, you can make life hard. But never forget you will always be in my heart. 

This is the poem that I wrote for America in school because we had to think of what came to our minds of what America means for us. People from different countries have and are still dreaming of coming to America because the first things that come to their minds is education for my child and a better life for me. It may be a big sacrifice for them to come here because they have to leave their family, and being life in a new county and learn a new language and start from the beginning and work their way up. But they feel that it’s worth it because they are finally giving their children an education that they wished they had, and they are finally getting started on a life that they dreamed about. But we as immigrants that are here, including myself an 18-year-old in high school, take this for granted. We should be lucky that we are here getting an education and actually living a better life because there are some poor countries that want better education, and they can’t get it because they can’t afford it. We also should be lucky that we have laws, and we should follow them because if we didn’t have these laws, our country would be unbelievably outrageous if it isn’t already with people killing people and controversies and our president himself. No offense, just my opinion, and all the crazy things that have happened this year and last year. This leads me to the next topic. People are different; we should take the freedom of speech seriously because people have different opinions, and we should respect what others think, but we should not take opinions to heart because we feel let down and hurt. We as Americans should accept people for who they are and not be racist toward others, because what if someone called you something you didn’t want to be called? Would you like it? My answer would be no because we should treat each other with dignity and respect, and also because we are all human beings, and we have feelings. African Americans, Blacks, Syrians, Italians, and other European nationalities, and people. We all are people, and we all are unique in so many ways, so we should treat people like we would like to be treated: with kindness and respect and loyalty. We as Americans have an opportunity to make America better than it is because we can do something about it. Because if it’s not our problem, then it’s no one’s problem, so we have to make a change and make America a place where what is said is true.

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Dear President
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