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Dear Mr. Trump

An Open Letter on Behalf of My All-American Family

Dear Donald,

I’ve been putting off writing you this. I’ve been waiting for you to come around, but by now I’ve realized, that isn’t going to happen. And honestly that hurts me.

I come from a family of Marines and Air Force pilots. I come from a family who prides themselves on honest, hard work. A family who doesn’t quit until the job gets done. And I guess as long as I thought of the country as my family, I could take pride in it. I take so much pride in my family. When I married, I kept my last name because I want to be able to make my father proud in a few years when I become doctor, and use his last name. But you coming into the presidency has opened my eyes to the harsh realities of this country. You have stood for ideals that have harmed my family and you take pride in tearing people down, whereas my family has a few construction workers that are very good at building up. You have called members of my family criminals and rapists, while other distant and disowned members of my family are “good people.” You have broken my family apart with racism and false pride in some of our heritage. You have taken our family name, in all it stands for, and stomped on it.

My father is an honest man. He was a single father of three kids, working one job per child to support us. He was a marine. He has his dog tag proudly tattooed on his calf and he has a hat that says “once a marine, always a marine.” He went to school on top of working and was somehow still always home for dinner. On the day of your campaign where you compared yourself to my father, I cried. Because I was genuinely hurt by the fact that you would take credit for my father's dedication and sacrifice. How dare you tear down everything he’s accomplished by saying that you have served this country just as much as he has. On the day my father heard those same remarks, he laughed. He laughed and smiled while I cried. He laughed because he took you as a joke, whereas I had genuine concern for your priorities and ego.

On the day you were elected, we all cried. Collectively my family shed a tear as we held each other a little closer. I held on tight to my Mexican cousins. To my veteran cousins. To my mixed race cousins. And I held on a little closer to the name that brought us all together.

I won’t let you get away with it, Mr. Trump. I will hold my head high, and my family higher. I will fight back, kicking and screaming if I have to. I will never be silent. And you will never scare me or concern me again. Because, Mr. Trump, you can’t make fire feel afraid. And my family will never give into your tyrannical propaganda. We will never sit quietly while innocent civilians are slaughtered and you hold your head as a martyr for the rights to kill. We will yell at the top of our lungs every thought, every anthem, every name of those who want to fight you, but can’t. We will kneel in respect and we will sing from our hearts in honor of this messed up country we so dearly want back.

Prepare for war, Mr. Trump.


The Resistance

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Dear Mr. Trump
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