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Dear Mr. Trump

A Letter From a Young Girl to the President

My Beautiful Home in Oregon 

Dear Mr. Trump, 

Hello, sir. My name is Courtney. I am a 15-year-old high school student with a love for the things that I do. Those things include dance, writing, art, and helping other people. I'm sure you can relate to me by also wanting to help other people. 

I am afraid of the future, particularly that of the United States of America. You should know that I love this country. I am about as patriotic as a person can get and I hope to always be proud of my American citizenship. I will admit, my pride is at an all time low. 

I am writing because I believe that the refugees who have been arriving at the Mexico-United States border deserve a chance to show why they should get a green card and they should be treated equally to other refugees who are also attempting to enter this country.

The current situation is unacceptable in the countries that most of the unaccompanied minors are coming from. The majority are making the journey from Honduras, El Salvador, or Guatemala. The people fleeing those countries have many reasons to, most of them for their own or for their family’s well being. The situation in these countries is dire; enough so that as many as 10,600 children can show up at the border in as little time as two months. These children are leaving their home country because it has lost the qualities of a home. It has become a dangerous place without control from a righteous government, something that we have. El Salvador has an average of 30 homicides daily, with a population that is less than that of New York City. Often these murders are femicides or the violent and deliberate killings of a woman. I, as a woman, feel sympathy for the fear that these women must live in. Most all of this violence is the result of gangs in the area. These kids are forced into gangs as young as seven or eight-years-old and the life expectancy in these cities is an average of 35 years, less than half of that in the United States.

Refugees are fleeing from bigger problems than almost everyone in the United States has ever faced. They want to come to a country where they will be welcomed. They want safety and security, things that we also hold very dear. Why, then, can we not be understanding as to why they want to come here? They are not coming into this country to steal jobs or to wreak havoc on this country; they are coming here in the hopes of building a life that they could not where they grew up.

The United States’ current immigration policy, and the one that you are going to enforce, seem to want to make it as difficult as possible to enter this country. It lets a limited number of immigrants into the country after standing in one of four lines. Many of these people cannot enter by "waiting in line" and that is why they enter illegally. They might need to enter sooner than the policy allows, they do not fit into one of the categories of immigrant application, or they tried and were denied access to the country. The process allows very few people into the United States. This is a place that you and I both love and that we should want to share with others. It is unfair to discriminate against immigrants because that is who we are. Our ancestors, unless you happen to be completely Native American, immigrated to this country with the hopes of a better life. They are simply attempting to do the same thing.

The plan that I want to introduce is simply that all of the refugees from Central America who show up on our doorstep should be treated as all of the other refugees we allow into the country. We should not build a wall to block them out. We should build refugee camps where they can stay while they work to get a green card like the rest of the people around the world who are trying to enter America. The unaccompanied minors should not be sent back to their home country. There is a reason they fled in the first place. They should be allowed to plead a case and given the opportunities to speak with social workers who can help them figure out what they plan on doing with the rest of their life. They do not choose where they are born.

I was fortunate enough to have been born in this wonderful country. Someone should not have to suffer simply because they were not. Please consider helping these people who are attempting to flee an unsafe environment. 

Thank you for your time, 

Court A. 

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Dear Mr. Trump
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