Dear Donald Trump

This is going to be bigly.

Dear Donald Trump,

I have yet to call you President Trump. I won't. I did not vote for you and it has nothing to do with me being on welfare, or black, or Muslim, or gay, or a woman. It has A LOT to do with you wanting to build a wall with my tax money to keep out people I don't think should be kept from this country. It has A LOT to do with the fact you are more interested in repealing Obamacare to satisfy your hatred of the man than to benefit Americans. It has A LOT to do with the fact that you wanted to ban Muslims and Syrian refugees from coming into this country even legally or to visit family, just until you could "figure out" what the issue was. But despite my faith in my fellow Americans, you were voted in. At that point, I tried to just accept it. I wasn't one of those crying liberals, or protesting or anything like that, I just sat home and watched you on TV say the things that just made me cringe. I thought, "Well, maybe he just hasn't gotten it down yet." It has been nine months. There are no more excuses. If it took me nine months to learn my job at work, I would have been fired. 

Here's the thing, you are insensitive to anyone other than your damn self. If someone is suffering in some way, you really don't care. Do you remember that in your Puerto Rico video with the paper towels? Yeah, I am pretty sure you know what I am talking about. You never suffered in your life, you never worked at minimum wage with kids to raise, you never went without food, you never had to depend on a food pantry or food stamps to survive. How the hell can you even be sort of relatable to us Americans? Most of us have fallen there. The whole "you work hard, you get somewhere" is a bunch of crock. You all pay corporations their money to keep us employees from EVER moving up into anything. A 30-year-old mother works at McDonalds because where she lives, there is no better work... She cannot even make enough to pay rent, ask for a living wage, and you guys (you and your administration) laugh in their faces and left it to McDonalds to actually raise it. It shows we cant depend on you.  My governor does not like you and he is doing everything in his power to keep us away from your policies. Thank god for him we are finally getting decent wages in NYS.  

I had hope for you, it wasn't much, but I had some. Time for you to stand up and realize what needs to be done here. You took away birth control mandate for insurances. OK, your supporters say we should "pay for our own" well, we kind of are. With all the money I pay in premiums, deductibles, and co-pay, I sure the hell hope I am paying... so why can't we have birth control covered? Is it a religious thing? I think it's a religious thing. You are not even a fricken' Christian. You are trying to be something you are not, to people who don't care about anyone but them and their money. You got your supporters so wrapped up around your finger that they actually believe you will make them rich like you. So, who should break it to them? Me or you? I won't be as kind.

Your policies are killing the little guy. The hard workers. The blue color workers. The ones working for minimum wage, the ones working for just over minimum wage, the ones that have zero chance of climbing that ladder. The construction workers, the retail workers, the restaurant workers, the hospitality workers, the teachers, the janitorial people... the list goes on. Not the CEOS or the executives... I don't care about them because they don't care about us. They give us jobs? They give us jobs we can't do anything with, they keep the wages low and the position low.   

Alright so, I think I said enough, I know I have a lot more to say, but right now, I just can't make this any longer. You suck. Shape up. You will probably cause a war sooner than later and I fear for my kid's lives. I never once in my life ever feared the president will actually put my and my family's life at risk. Thanks for that eye opener, it sure is thrilling! 

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Dear Donald Trump
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