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Dear Donald, How Are You Helping Americans?

As president, you've been more of a disgrace to our country than a strong leader.

Dear Donald,

Since you've become president in January of 2017, you have turned our nation upside down. You have managed to destroy everything that Obama put into place and made our country a laughing stock. In your eyes, you obviously feel that you're one of the best presidents to lead America. However, you are an utter embarrassment and have made our country look extremely uneducated. 

From the beginning of your presidency instead of trying to truly help the American citizens, you were more concerned about the crowd size at your inauguration. You spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to prove to people that you had one of the largest turnouts for an inauguration and were extremely popular. But it was evident to people watching the inauguration on television that you didn't come even close to having one of the largest crowds at an inauguration. It was incredibly childish and immature to argue this point with the media. It shouldn't matter to you how many people witnessed you being sworn in. But since you are narcissistic you obviously needed to draw out this issue and have it occupy most of the media's attention. 

During the presidential debates you said how you strived to "Make America Great Again" and help unite people. But you have not at one point in your presidency done something positive to bring people closer. Instead, you have managed to rip people apart and cause marches for people to voice their opinions. The women's movements in New York City and Washington D.C. were not full of people who support you. Since you are a bigot and misogynistic, women all over the country felt the need to march about immigration reform, women's rights, healthcare and people's rights. It was an incredible moment in history seeing all these people unite over their disapproval of you. Your plans of building a wall to block out Mexicans and trying to kick out immigrants are not in anyway going to bring people closer and make our country stronger. 

Since you are the leader of our nation, you need to start acting presidential. It might be hard for you, but you should resist the urge to tweet every one of your mindless thoughts online. None of our other presidents have abused social media the way you have. Instead of people taking you seriously, comedians and late night talk show hosts have thrived on mocking you and your incomprehensible and absurd tweets. Talk show hosts such as Jimmy Fallon and Seth Rogan have done well for themselves by making fun of your tweets at 2 a.m. and your juvenile twitter arguments. People are having a great time laughing at your expense. If you must tweet anything, it should be about real issues in America not about trivial issues and making fun of people you dislike. It's sad that this our reality now and you are more concerned about your social following on twitter than leading our country to success. 

As presidents go, it will be hard to find a president who is more biased towards women. It is disgusting and extremely inappropriate how you completely sexualize women and think they are pieces of property, especially since you have daughters. Young girls watch on television how you are so gruesome and sexual towards women and get the wrong messages. Some girls can easily think that if the president can say these inappropriate remarks to women and not receive any penalty then it is okay. It's time you behave like a loving father and realize how disturbing it is for parents to see the president making very crude remarks about women. You should abide by the saying "if you have nothing nice to say then don't say it." 

It would be in your best interest if you grow up and realize that you are president and start making intelligent decisions. So far, all you have managed to do is embarrass the American people and cause more tension than good. It's time for you to own up to your responsibilities and act as though you want to help Americans. Stop worrying about yourself for once and try and be a leader. 

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Dear Donald, How Are You Helping Americans?
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