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Dear Donald

An Open Letter to the Man That “Does” It All

Dear Donald J. Trump,

I just wanted to take a minute to write you a sincere letter of congratulations for all the things that have happened in our country since you took your place as President.

In your speech to announce your campaign for the Presidency, you not only managed to call immigrants from Mexico rapists and druggies. You were also able to completely embarrass yourself by suggesting we make Mexico pay for the construction of a massive wall on our southern border because “nobody builds walls better than you.” You continued this winning streak by solidifying your spot as a misogynist and telling people that if you were “a star” you could get away with anything including grabbing women by the “pussy.” This mentality shows perfectly in the countless number of women who have stepped forward to provide evidence of your predatory behavior and sexual misconduct. You really stuck your ground when it came to acting as yourself which should include terms such as deceitful, disrespectful, and revolting. Great job of showing those characteristics every time you open your mouth!

An even bigger congratulations on all of the damage you have caused on our domestic front. You dismantled the success of Obamacare and promoted a system of wealthy people gaining more than the poor. You advanced construction of pipelines that caused protest from environmentalists and Native Americans and disrespected the ground that they considered sacred. Next came the travel ban for seven major Muslim countries based on your assumption that it would prevent terrorists from entering the country. You filled seats in the Supreme Court and the House with strict conservatives, fully knowing that you were ignoring the wishes and needs of a large portion of this country. There are a million other things I could discuss, but I think the cherry on top of all your ridiculous moves is the temper tantrum you threw about your “wall” and the decision you made to shut down the government for 35 days. You took away paychecks and necessary resources for countless families around the country, including mine, just to feed your massive ego and fight for your ridiculous and cruel agenda.

One thing I have been extremely impressed with is your “wonderful” choice in the officials you work with. Betsy DeVos, with no experience in either government or public school systems was surely a wonderful choice for the education secretary. Jeff Sessions as our attorney journal was another wonderful example of your “intelligent choices.” We really appreciate a man who actively opposes civil rights and routinely attacks minorities in such a high position. Don’t even get me started on Mike Pence who could be your “greatest” decision thus far. Your pick for a Vice President is a man who uses his twisted moral beliefs as his drive to control public affairs. All of the individuals you have chosen for your cabinet are filled with prejudice, have a lack of respect for people with different backgrounds, and are consistently hiding things and lying for you. What a wonderful team you got there for you Donald, great work.

You really have stolen the spotlight lately! No one can turn on their TV without having to watch an illiterate Oompa Loompa on their screen, your god awful tweets are combined into joke books, there are at least 20 fuck Donald Trump songs, and your face is even printed on toilet paper and punching bags. The memes are countless, filled with the moments when you imitated a reporter suffering from a disability to your corrupt bromance with the one and only Vladimir Putin. You should be quite proud, your reputation just continues to get better!

In conclusion, Mr. Donald Trump, I would like to say congratulations for being the most unethical and disrespectful President this country has ever seen. You are the man that women fear, the man that no child should ever admire, and the man that should never have held a spot in such a dignified position. You are someone I will never have respect for and highly consider to be a joke. I will continue to be a strong liberal and actively advocate for equality, all while cheering on your impeachment from the side! From the bottom of my heart, congratulations on being one of the most disgusting men to ever represent this country. Go ahead and enjoy another round of golf instead of fixing these problems, just like we all know you will.

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Dear Donald
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