Jacob A. Rivas
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Dear Donald

It's mostly whatever, sort of. Like, I'm concerned, but, it's whatever.

Dear Donald,

I've written to you before, but it's unlikely to have reached you. After all, I'm just one citizen and I didn't even vote; I sort of don't believe in it.

It's hard to write to you, or about you, it's not in my nature. I want to be a lover, I want to embrace people for their humanity and see everyone as family. Family doesn't mean eternal agreement or harmony, or even enthusiasm, it implies respect though. 

I want to think that it's an act and that deep down you think your antics are best for the world. I want to think that you're not myopic, that you don't live separate from the world and from Americans as a whole. I want to believe that you're a 21st-century man and see that nationalism is poisonous, that at this point, our battles are climate change, imperialism, and competition. I want to think that at some point you'll pull the ace from your sleeve and everything will be alright.

That isn't the case though. You're a megalomaniac, you're a child, and you're fascinated with the cult of personality you've assembled with your wealth. You're everything I saw in my wealthier neighbors as a kid, you're the person that convinced me that it didn't matter if I tried because nepotism and arrogance were two natural characteristics I'd never have.

I'm okay now, for now. I have some credit card debt, a lot of student debt, and you don't just get a salary these days. Minimum wage, even living at home, that's rough; not enough to pay off debt. I never lived extravagantly, and this is where I am.

I went to a great college and I Jake Rivas'd my way into frosting a few valuable connections and tech skills from my adventures. I'm doing okay.

The difference is, we want different things, and that's why I'm doing okay. I want to be in love, I want to go visit this girl in New Orleans. She's super smart, she's a talented creator, she's kind and she's very honest (to the point of being mean to me almost always). When I get my paycheck, I think of paying off my debt so I might visit her. At least for now, she's who I want to love and that drive compels me to work harder than I ever imagined I could and stay dedicated throughout whatever trials I may be experiencing. 

There are two things to do with money; you can use it for you, or for them. They can be a lover, they can be a community, they can be a passion, they can be anything beyond yourself. And that's it, plain and simple.

And so I'm a better person than you. I don't see myself in the mirror, but instead a future where I might do something stupid, get dumped again, and tell my buddy about the time I had another shot. If not that, then it's me telling Young Rocco that when they turn 18, I'll have a hell of a story to tell them. 

That's not what you want. You want more Twitter followers. 

And so, Donald, you and I will remain different. Your obsession will take you all over the world, you were born into the privilege of never having been destined for less. 

Fuck it though, I'm gonna go to New Orleans. Hope whatever you're doing makes sense one day. 


Fuck John McCain, also.