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Dead Babies

How to feed sensationalism in the 21st Century

There's an attention seeking headline and doesn't modern media love to gloat on this kind of sickness! The daily diet of pseudo-outrage. If it's been a terrorist attack, then even better! They'll get a week or more's stories with that one. Starting with the event, the aftermath, the eyewitness accounts; then they'll milk it some more and invade the privacy of the ones grieving. Isn't that how they roll? Murdoch's morons and the phone tapping of people who had lost their children, anyone!

There's little or no coverage of the millions of kids dying needlessly of starvation or curable diseases, as you read this; all on a planet which could provide for them. That just isn't newsworthy. The "mother of all bombs" can be punted as being bold and macho. However, the innocent families it kills, the orphans it creates, they're not newsworthy. It's probably created a few more refugees and they can become newsworthy scapegoats for the "not in my country" brigade. However, in general, who wants to hear about the young kids who've lost all their families and are left vulnerable to any paedophile, child trafficker, warmonger, or unscrupulous exploiter?

The irony is, these kids are ripe for becoming jihadists. If your entire life has been turned to hell from a drone's bomb or a soldier's bullet, how easy would it be to put the blame on the evil west and be convinced to strap explosives to your body and go and blow people up? They're infidels and enemies of Islam and doing so will guarantee you an exit from this sewer of an existence to a better one where you'll be united with Allah in the company of a few dozen virgins. By that point, they'll believe anything even if it's less believable than Disney!

Modern day media is always willing to jump on that bandwagon of affluence. But what about the terrorist in governments and big businesses; arms dealers and the likes? They attack democracy, hospitals, schools and they never get criticized in the media. Generally, because they go greasy palm to greasy palm with these elite ruling classes; the faceless 1%. These are the people who'll back both sides in any war and sell arms to the hate-mongers. The hate-mongers, in turn, commit a good healthy genocide, usually in a country which has oil or some ripe mineral reserves to exploit. Then the 1% send in their foot soldiers, cream said country for all it's got and they get even wealthier. All the while, their puppet politicians cut funding from essential social services, the arts, etc, and make it easier for those in the fossil fuel industry to trash our fragile planet even more.

The media keeps the masses fearful with tales of horror and terror. Then the sheep vote for the same politicians (or help them by not bothering to vote) and the excrement just keeps coming. They've got it sewn up you might say. I think it's time to tear apart the stitching. 

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Dead Babies
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