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Covert Racism vs. Overt Prejudice

Learn to Apologize

Covert racism or bullying is underhanded while overt prejudice is obvious such as name-calling. Prejudicial behavior never helped anybody. It means I hate you because “of the way you look” or outward racial appearances. Hating somebody for their race is unproductive. I hate ignorance. I can’t stand sexism. I cannot deal with people who engage in either. I avoid racists in general, and at San Francisco State I was dealing with one racist in particular who yelled at me and another student who were speaking in Spanish. Granted I also dislike people who speak in their native language rather than English since I do not understand what they are saying.

She was way too rude about it though. It was unnecessary racially motivated hostility. She was mean about it. So yes, I dumped the socialist club I was hanging out with. I was constantly picked on in school for not having a diagnosis to tell people, or the proper medication to stop my symptoms overall. People had a real prejudice against me for my race, as well as my mental health problems. Family interfered with me trying to get proper treatment or even a proper diagnosis.

This frustrated me all through school, in particular, because I was an alcoholic too. Racism when made obvious, is just plain ugly. In the now, my illness is well treated. But in the past, it continually interfered with my life. Racism just plain scares me. In Spain, it is the variety of “your dad is Chilean,” incessantly pointed out. Spanish people notice I look different from them, so they point it out. All the time, without shutting up, unlike in the United States, when people ask once and then stop asking. Americans are far more discreet about racial things than the Spanish.

With that racist rant by a lawyer who was in a deli where people were speaking in Spanish, this leaves me scared. Why are people so racist? It is the fault of 45. And 45, if you say mean things about me like mocking my disability, you will be impeached so fast, your head will spin. When I watched the video of some lady screaming racial slurs at a black man parked in a parking lot waiting for his white mother, I can’t stand watching that stuff. Why was she screaming at him for no good reason?

What was her problem? He was an innocent person she called filthy and much worse. I’m just shocked at this. She was nasty to him for nothing. Racism is all a bunch of nothing anyway. I plan on treating racists as a psychiatrist. Where will the world be in 20 years? What will we be doing? Which of my friends will still be around? How will I look like? How racist or not will people be? How will the human race evolve? The next 20 years fascinate me since global climate change may become a reality if we don’t do anything about it.

We have to work on making the world a better place. Will people hang on to racist ideas in the year 2038? Will Republicans be the same way they are now? Think about the future. There is no such thing as the apocalypse. Some people evidently want this. How nihilistic and dull. We are meant to survive if we let go of our prejudices. But no, some people just don’t want to do that. They’d rather be filthy racists. Unless they decide to apologize to the people they yell at. Thank goodness for video phones because we can now record bad behavior. If you want to yell at somebody for something as stupid as race, then you are not human, even if you are somewhat capable of apologizing. 

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Covert Racism vs. Overt Prejudice
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