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Maddie Goody17 days ago
A Little Too Close to Home
As I was walking into the building of the high school I teach at, I got a text from my mother. "Your brother is okay. His school is on lockdown due to a shooting at STEM." I nearly couldn't believe wh...
SKYLERIZED 2 months ago
Reason First: Can Individualism Fight Mass Murderers Like the One in Christchurch, New Zealand?
Words like “radical” and “extremist” should only be reserved for actual individuals who champion far out ideas like the elimination of science, economics, education, and ideas from government. Like capitalists. The suspects involved in the Christchurch, New Zealand massacre should be labeled as cowards and puny practitioners in the initiation of physical force.
Brian Dollard3 months ago
Are Firearms More Deadly Than Automobiles?
I just read Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang post to his Twitter account his case for gun control:“There is no practical reason for citizens to have assault weapons. We need to treat gun ...
Kylee Treseder4 months ago
Showcasing School Shooters
Mass shootings have unfortunately become a tragic, but normalized part of our society. Although mass shootings only make up a small portion of the total gun crimes in this country, they only continue ...
Paula Macena5 months ago
Gun Control and Why We Need It
The controversial topic of gun control has been a front and center issue for many years, most recently hitting the front page after the fatal shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Flor...
Joel Eisenberg5 months ago
Masturbating with Metal: Gun Culture and the Fantasy of the Armed Teacher
I want to be clear here: There are always exceptions to every stance. However, as a former special education teacher of at-risk children and adults (gang members, drug addicts and alcoholics, and the ...
Steph Ferguson6 months ago
School Shootings: A Widespread Epidemic
The article, "Teaching In An Age Of School Shootings" by Jeneen Interlandi, discusses the effects, controversies, and viewpoints of the teacher's experience in an age where schools are being threatene...
CD Turner7 months ago
An Open Letter to School Shooters
Dear you. Just you. No names, no recognition, no separation of yourself from the others. Just... dear you. Was it their happiness that offended you? Perhaps their innocence? Maybe they weren't so inno...
Mike Whaley7 months ago
Gun Un-control
How many murderous gun crimes will Americans tolerate until they realise that gun manufacturers are the cause of mass death in that county? Why should people tolerate this in their own backyard? This ...