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Brexit and Bad Manners

How the hell did this happen?

One could not make this up. Seriously. 

I have never witnessed such political stupidity from so many politicians at the same time. They seem to be on some kind of crusade of destruction, or under the influence of some prohibited substances. 

I know I have written recently on the subject of the UK leaving the UK, but recent events have changed my thinking on the way this is going. 

Everyone and their goldfish has an opinion on what the best way to handle leaving/remaining/leaving and still having ties with the EU/leaving and not looking back... The list of variations goes on and on, and apparently without end.

Theresa May, Prime Minister, arranged to have five—yes, five—days of debate in Parliament on Brexit, prior to a vote by all MPs. This debate droned on, without anyone outside the Parliamentary bubble really paying attention. 

As the debate dragged itself toward a conclusion, we all began to notice that it was looking likely to be a serious defeat for the Prime Minister. 

Because this vote was on whether Parliament would back the exit deal negotiated by Theresa May and some elves, it was very important to her to win over the sceptics in her own party, and try to convince enough opposition MPs to vote in her favour. 

You can see why some people are walking around with eyes glazed and vacant expressions on their palid faces. 

This whole process is mind numbingly boring to everyone except the politicians who might have something to gain by posturing in certain ways at certain times, but changing their minds and postures depending on  whom they were talking to. 

So to resume. After all the days of tortuous wrangling, Tuesday 11th was vote day. The debate was still boring its way to a conclusion during Tuesday until Mrs May, knowing she was going to be on the wrong end of the vote, decided to postpone it and head off to Europe to try to get some kind of concessions from the EU hierarchy and other interested parties, Angela Merkel being one. 

There was uproar at this news. Jeremy Corbyn spluttered some angry noises. MPs were outraged by this turn of events.

None more so than the SNP members. Why, you wonder, were they annoyed? Well, Ms Sturgeon had been making noises in the days of the EU parliamentary debate, mostly about her being the only politician in the known world who could find a solution to the problem. 

In actual fact, she had her own agenda. Well, all politicians have their own agendas as we know. Jeremy Corbyn was trying to engineer a General Election out of the EU chaos, without looking like that was what he was doing. A "D" minus for his attempt. 

Meanwhile, Mother Sturgeon was using the chaos to try to advance her case for another independence referendum in Scotland, but like Jeremy, she wasn't very good at subtlety. 

Her main objective was to get the Labour Party to agree to back her in a vote of no confidence in the government. Unfortunately, she, or rather her Westminster MPs, aren't the official opposition, so when Corbyn decided he didn't want to be manipulated by the yapping Mother Sturgeon, he refused to call for the vote of no confidence. 

As you can imagine, this didn’t do down well with the SNP or its support. They had counted on Labour to do what she said, but misjudged them not liking being told what to do by an over promoted councillor in Scotland. 

Considering what the SNP activists said and did to Labour politicians during the independence referendum, I'm not surprised they were not prepared to help. 

Corbyn is hoping to be Prime Minister if he can get the Conservative Party to replace Mrs May and force a General Election, and he doesn't need the "promise" of help from the SNP. They would happily back stab him if it suited their interests. 

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell don't want to be put in a position where if they are in government, they will be obliged to say yes to a request by the SNP for another independence referendum. 

As I have written frequently, Sturgeon doesn't want to be allowed to have another referendum, because she knows she can't win. So it suits her to play the "no one will allow me to call the independence referendum" card, making her look like a disappointed puppy, but making her Cult think it's Westminster stopping their dreams. 

You can see how complicated this is. Meanwhile, Theresa May has returned from her European jaunt, probably no better off than before she left, but it gives her time. Well, it did before this morning's news. Enough of her MPs have said they have no confidence in her leadership and there is going to be a no confidence vote tonight in Westminster by all of her MPs to decide whether she should stay in the job or not. 

We should have the answer to this by the end of the the evening, around 9 PM. 


The vote was 200-117 in the Prime Minister's favour. 

Mrs May will stay on as the leader of the Conservative party and will obviously remain as Prime Minister. 

Hooray, I hear you call... No? Oh well, no one can please all of the people all of the time. Or even some of the people some of the time.

But as we are dealing with politicians, we will never know who voted for what. Why? Because they all lie. About everything. 

Regardless of who does what to whom, and why, we will be as much in the dark as ever. 

Finally, if any of this makes sense, I apologise. This was never my intention. 

PS... Nicola Sturgeon is ranting that everyone except her should be sacked, because she is the only person who can ruin the country completely. 

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Brexit and Bad Manners
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