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Bracing for #Trump2020

Got milk now? Bring the cookies for later.

How quickly Tennessee GOP Senator Bob Corker and Arizona GOP Senator Jeff Flake were forgotten by mainstream USA is an early indicator of a 2020 Trump win.

The Democratic Party, whether liberal or conservative within, have been hiking and booting up any and all scraps they can find of any kind of discord in Donald Trump's D.C., so when Arizona Senator Jeff Flake refused to run again while publicly expressing his disdain for Trump and when Tennessee Senator Bob Corker referred to the current White House administration as an "adult day care center," the two outlier faux pas' were eaten up and chomped on like so much Popeye spinach.

A momentary "pow," boom, "blam-bam, thank you ma'am," and it was all over.

Flake and Corker, gone but definitely not forgotten, have all but totally disappeared out of the mainstream news media faster than word of O.J. Simpson's release from a Florida prison.

As nice as it was for a lot of Dems to hear these words of dissension against Trump, it's more telling that Trump is winding down to an election win in 2020 without really campaigning for it anymore.

Let's just say that Michael Moore was right about the "angry white male f-u" that he was expecting in 2016 and let's just say Ta'Nehisi Coates of "The Atlantic" is absolutely right about the racism of the American Confederacy and its Tea Party constituents that helped -ad majorum- to usher in a Trump win in 2016, what is to become of Trump in 2020?, especially if the highly desired words "I resign" don't come forth from Trump's lips as a result of former FBI Director Robert Mueller's much-ballyhooed "Russiagate" investigations?

I believe Trump will win again in the low-steam vehicle of incumbency alone.

So what is the duplicitous outrage about now, besides not "getting over" the Hillary Clinton loss (even though she won), the "snowflake" philosophy, the obvious "angry white male" outrage of enduring a Black American president for eight whole birth-certificate-challenged years, and fights over why or why not Confederate monuments and statues should be removed to stop reminding Black America of the fact that it never really overcame anything and likely never will?

This 2020 win will be ALL about fearmongering.


The statisticians that be have already predicted that average white America will be a solid minority by the Year 2050, and it's getting harder and harder NOT to believe that.

So there is a fear of being diminished and the ensuing expected "anti-white backlash" that they believe is coming.

We're already well aware that all of these efforts to decriminalize rape and force {white} women to have more babies as long as they aren't mixed race is beyond human understanding on so many levels.

Yeah, yeah ... it's not "all" about race. Whatever. Right.

He (Frank Nucera) says it is all about race, and his feelings are shared predominantly by many of those types of Trump supporters and the likes of them who care all about the unborn until they are out of the womb and especially don't care if they come out into the world in the wrong race specifications.

Don't bother bothering me with the words "But you can't prove that," (don't "but me no buts") because the 50+/- million Black people in America who will tell you that it IS all about race can't all be wrong. Black America lives with the reality of that whether or not someone chooses to "poll the numbers" to see if it can be substantiated. Literally, "every-black-body" isn't imagining it.


Now, back to the ADC-DC ... 

Brace yourself for an incumbent Trump win in 2020, because (a) the complacency that happened within the Democratic Party in 2016 when Hillary made several missteps that cost her an election that she won has not gone anywhere, and (b) she (and no one else in the DNC) has done anything to beef up the momentum toward a proper GOP ousting in 2018 or 2019. Also: (c) No viable Democratic potential nominee has tossed their trial hat into the ring to make Trump a one-termer, though some miracle like Barack Obama could still pop up from out of nowhere at some time in 2018, and (d) President Obama's core national base was killed off by she-Clinton the moment she distanced herself from Obama's heartland America policies, tried to hot-sauce-and-nay-nay her way into the Black vote and never issued a true word of apology for her and her husband's wrongheaded politics of the 1990s that made "mass incarceration and re-enslavement of Black people in America" a national crises.

Besides, America is still one of the most misogynistic nations in the west in spite of the fact that it pretends not to be, so those who want to see a female win office in their lifetime may want to be more careful about WHICH female they vet in the near future, if any

The most a Trump supporter can hope for in 2020 is a stiff ripening of the supremacy that made America a "great white world shark" in the first place, and the most a Trump opposer can hope for is that Michael Moore is dead wrong.

If Mueller can't properly purge this nation of any sign that Trump is anything more or less than a temporary mean joke pulled by the teachers and administrators at the Adult Day Care Center, and people's mainstream attitudes and behaviors don't improve, and the DNC can't work in a viable winnable candidate by 2018, then get ready for codes to be pushed in January of 2024... an expected "parting shot" by Trump for a nation who's supposed greatness will disappear once he is no longer eligible to run.

If Russia actually did elect Trump by tampering with voting machines and persuading the public through social media mind games, know that they can also use the same techniques and tactics to turn Trump into a lifelong American dictator, the very first one on U.S. soil, ever.

Brace for it. 

American complacency (an unwillingness to vote at all or voting for the wrong candidate just for purposes of revenge) is a bigger Change Agent all day long than the vetting of proper candidates and actually voting.

Let 'em eat paper towels...

Did they call Trump the "Quicker F'er-Upper"? Shame. Shame. #not# They weren't even the good commercial paper towels.