Will Evans

My name's Will.  

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Who's Currently Running in 2020?
5 months ago
With big names such as Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand now running for President of the United States, many voters are already hopping on board to support their favorite candidate. I have my own ...
Democrat Division
5 months ago
In the 2016 election, we saw many progressives who supported Bernie Sanders promote the phrase "Bernie or Bust." I myself supported Bernie in the primaries, but when he lost, I saw the necessity to st...
Beto Should Run for President
7 months ago
Like many people on the left, I became consumed with the 2016 presidential election and was devastated by its results. I started protesting, volunteering, and doing anything that I thought could help ...
Essay on the Armenian Genocide
10 months ago
There have been multiple genocides throughout history but the Armenian genocide was unique. This is because all eight stages of genocide were used with some stages being much more vital to the extermi...
A Thank You to Bernie
10 months ago
Dear Bernie, I owe so much to you. Before the 2016 election, I didn't feel like I could contribute to what was going on around me. I can't vote until this December, and I felt voting was the only true...