Tim Bryce

Tim Bryce is a freelance writer and management consultant located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. His blog can be found at: timbryce.com

2018 Midterms—What's at Stake?
10 months ago
BRYCE ON POLITICS - The morality of the country. Click for AUDIO VERSION. Midterm elections are normally as exciting as watching grass grow. A handful of people usually show up to elect dog catchers a...
The Political Miscalculations of the Democrats
10 months ago
BRYCE ON POLITICS - How their tactics backfired. Click for AUDIO VERSION. As expected, this has been an extraordinary midterm election thus far. The Democrats are desperate for a win in order to survi...
More Political Correctness Run Amok
10 months ago
BRYCE ON POLITICAL CORRECTNESS - We need to study all of our history, not just selected chapters. Click for AUDIO VERSION. At a recent rally in Lebanon, Ohio (10/12/2018), President Trump happened to ...
Why Don't All Women Vote Democrat?
10 months ago
BRYCE ON POLITICS Click for AUDIO VERSION. The Democrats desperately want the world to believe they have a monopoly on the female vote; that a vote for a Democrat candidate is the only logical choice....
Are Democrats Evil?
10 months ago
BRYCE ON POLITICS - As we approach election time, people are beginning to ask. Click for AUDIO VERSION. Democrats are becoming concerned over a growing characterization depicting them as "evil." They ...
What Does It Mean to Vote for the Democrats in November?
10 months ago
Bryce on Politics - A lot depends on how we vote. Click for AUDIO VERSION. Absentee ballots will be out soon and, in many states, early voting is in the offing (Florida begins October 22). In other wo...