Thomas Sebacher

A fiction writer and editorialist from the Midwest who writes poetry, short stories, and non-fiction. I provide leftist views and social commentaries upon wealth class, and equality.

8 days ago
In academic and popular discussion, there is a great misunderstanding of how fascism functions and how it forms. Here I will discuss the precepts and the formation of fascist societies and governments...
Why the 2018 Elections Will Change Nothing
13 days ago
Democrats or Republicans? The whole of American politics boils down to this question. While one can debate the relevance of politics and policy repeatedly question people about their positions on cert...
Remembering Cable Street
15 days ago
In the current political climate, with the rise of the authoritarian right-wing in its current visible form, we should do well to remember the resistance to the previous forms of right-wing authoritar...
The Left
16 days ago
In history, there are many who claim that the left is immoral, that its precepts are unlikely, that it is itself as bad as the right. However, these analyses are flawed, quite fatally, according to th...