Thomas Sebacher

A fiction writer and editorialist from the Midwest who writes poetry, short stories, and non-fiction. I provide leftist views and social commentaries upon wealth class, and equality.

What Is "The Left"
4 months ago
"The Left." We hear it constantly from conservative pundits and editorialists, most often trying to get rise from the democratic party. I find that nobody on the right actually knows that that means. ...
A New World Order
4 months ago
The New World Order is one which shall replace the old liberal order, seeking to guarantee stability and order rather than liberty or freedom or equality. The first and most pressing concern of the Ne...
Antifa and Increasing Political Violence
5 months ago
While people believe that anti-fascism is a reflection of fascism, the beginnings of fascism are surprisingly simple. The problem of fascism is that authoritarian nationalism is difficult to fight. Pe...
5 months ago
Compromise. We have compromised for too long, there is a single option that we acknowledge as possible and feasible, and that it must happen as decent, principled millennials. We need a revolution, wh...
5 months ago
In academic and popular discussion, there is a great misunderstanding of how fascism functions and how it forms. Here I will discuss the precepts and the formation of fascist societies and governments...
Why the 2018 Elections Will Change Nothing
5 months ago
Democrats or Republicans? The whole of American politics boils down to this question. While one can debate the relevance of politics and policy repeatedly question people about their positions on cert...