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Why I Voted for "Her"
10 days ago
I originally wrote this piece in September 2016 in response to a liberal friend of mine who was urging Democrats to basically fall in line and vote for Hillary Clinton. I agreed wholeheartedly but she...
The Party Swap
15 days ago
There was something very disturbing about seeing Chuck Schumer (the Democratic Senate Minority Leader) and Dick Durbin (also a sitting Democratic Senator) sitting with Republican Senate Majority Leade...
"Why Us?" Say White Male Democrats
16 days ago
For one thing, being represented by a White man in a district that’s predominately Black and Brown and female—no matter how progressive the person—is actually not representative in the way a represent...
Of Course a Sitting POTUS Can Be Indicted!
22 days ago
If I hear one more talking head, so-called expert, or congressperson say "Of course you can’t indict a sitting US President," my head is going to explode—the complacent leading the apathetic! For fuck...
Tricia Gives It to Her Congressman!
22 days ago
TNP co-host, Tricia Smith, asks her Congressman, Blaine Luetkemeyer, seemingly difficult questions in response to his newsletter lauding his and his party’s “accomplishments.” Read below and judge for...