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The "Magic" of White Men, White Women and Whiteness
2 years ago
Yeah I said it. White people have their own Magic. It just... isn't actual magic. I have come to the conclusion that white men look better on TV than they do in real life. This conclusion is based on ...
Why Shouldn't You Punch a Nazi?
2 years ago
Hey there, progressives, and conservatives, and everyone in between the political spectrum! You may be shocked by the title of this piece (or misread it in the first try) but...Yeah, that's the point....
Who Gets to Say the N-Word?
2 years ago
I'm going to start off my saying that I am not objective in this subject matter (I do not claim any neutral stance). Honestly speaking, I have certain biases because I am very passionate when talking ...
The Life and Times of the Liberal Nigerian
2 years ago
If you have been reading my articles, by now you will pick up that I am a very progressive person (Liberal AF!) and I am African (it's literally in my bio). I strongly advocate for social change and i...
Cultural Assimilation vs. Cultural Appropriation
2 years ago
Alright children (especially white girls and coon black men)! Gather round. Mama has something to say! First thing is first, black girls? you can do whatever you want with your hair. You can wear weav...
Appreciate Not Appropriate!
2 years ago
EXTRA! EXTRA!! DO NOT APPROPRIATE MINORITY CULTURE!!! Ladies and gentlemen, Boys and girls, White people. I have heard a lot of bullshit in my life on why culture vultures (people who steal from other...