SR James

Conservative-hating feminist who writes about pretty much whatever pops into her head. Big fan of dead trees with tattoos. Twitter @SRJWriter

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Arriva Northwest Strikes: Or, Why We All Hate Arriva Now
a year ago
Here's a bit of background for anyone who's not in-the-know when it comes to the current Arriva Northwest strikes: Arriva drivers are on between £12-£14 p/h, far above the national minimum wage of £7....
The Serial Killers We May Never Catch
a year ago
If I weren't writing about the deaths of real people, with real lives and loves and hearts, this entire thing could almost be taken as comical. A woman in a coma was found fit-to-work by Work Capabili...
Brexit Stage Left
a year ago
Brexit, (the exiting of Britain from the European Union), has dominated our social media feeds and news outlets for months now, but without a degree in politics all those figures and graphs can be a l...
"Male Rape" Is Just Rape, Folks
a year ago
I'm a feminist. It's a dirty word these days, so I figured I'd just get it out there. I'm not one of those so-called feminists that believes in the eradication of the male gender, or one that wants wo...