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Pulling Rank: How Freedom of Speech Must Be Protected Listed From Silence to Say It Loud!
a year ago
The word “censor” is sometimes reserved for radio and television busybodies who seek to curb the content that a program or presenter offers to an audience. Often the joke goes, “this won’t get past th...
Pulling Rank: Best Ways to Combat the Opioid Crisis Listed from Light Buzz to Overdose
a year ago
Throughout American history, epidemics such as influenza and smallpox have ravaged various populations. Influenza and smallpox are illnesses among others that have plagued the Americas. But what is not an epidemic is opioids. It is, properly, a crisis. And it is also a crisis that ought to be fought by private means, exclusively. Chris Christie is chairman of President Trump’s Commission on Combating Drug Abuse designed to “study ways to combat and treat the scourge of drug abuse, addiction, and...
Why Are You Ranking: How Individualism and Capitalism Are the Only Antitoxins for Racism Listed from Powerful to Puissant
a year ago
Racism is stupid. On a ranking of the most unintellectual, base forms of collectivism, it ranks high. This pall of viciousness has fallen on both the victim and the perpetrator. On the one side, the v...
Why Are You Ranking: Best Case for Medicine Free of Controls in the United States Listed from Healthy to Fit
a year ago
To say that someone is “happy” to pay taxes on health care is like saying that someone enjoys having a pistol pressed to their temple. The money that is generated by Americans ought to belong to them....
Why Are You Ranking: Best Ways to Avoid the Tax Man (or Woman) Listed from Gimme Some Money to Get Up, Stand Up
a year ago
As of this writing, taxes, or payments for governmental services, are strictly enforced at the local, state, and federal levels. Taxes constitute for the majority of the goods and services used or pur...
Why Are You Ranking: The Best Ways Capitalism Aligns with the Morality of Life Listed From Death Sentence to Dying with Dignity
a year ago
With the deaths of celebrities, politicians, authors, and other figures of note, the main reason why we see such outpourings of grief and emotion is because of the wonders of capitalism. It is because...