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The Dead, Alleged, Ex-Cracked Leader of the Semi-Free World
5 months ago
The late President George Herbert Walker Bush has received adoration and adulation upon the event of his demise. But the man stood for pragmatism, a dogged and nasty racist streak, and an ugly view of...
Permanent Exit for the Former Milquetoast-in-Chief
5 months ago
Aside from the dry bromides, empty promises, and stale platitudes, the now deceased former President of the United States George Herbert Walker Bush stood for weakness. He may’ve been a decorated Navy...
The Spirit of Radio: Ayn Rand, Troi Torain, September 11, 2001, and the Power of the Airwaves
7 months ago
In May of 2000, my sixth grade class received the chance to go to Ellis and Liberty Islands not far from New York City. While we didn’t enter into Manhattan to experience the skyscrapers, especially t...
Reason First: Why Brett Kavanaugh Ought to Sit Away from the US Supreme Court Bench
8 months ago
What ought to be done about Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh is that he should cease any attempts to be on the highest judiciary bench in the United States of America. Though he may hold ...
Reason First: Worst Ways That Kaepernick Has Shamed America
8 months ago
Nike can do whatever it wants to do within the confines of the law. The multi-billion-dollar corporation has every right to choose what athletes represent its brand. It may be recovering from its #MeT...
Reason First: Why Tech Execs Are the Neo-Heroes of the Digital Age
8 months ago
Bureaucrats and Big Tech executives live on the same moral spectrum. Most of them regard altruism as the ruling moral ideal. They’ll both be quick to say that their services are “bigger than themselve...