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I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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Reason First: Does Nicki Minaj Know More About Individual Rights Than President Trump?
a month ago
If only the Human Rights Foundation could change its name to the Individual Rights Foundation. While it is redundant to say “individual rights,” in today’s climate, it is necessary to reinforce the ri...
Reason First: Should Racism Be the Norm?
a month ago
The government should not be involved in anything that doesn’t involve protecting individual rights. For instance, if a music festival such as AfroFuture Fest wishes to overcharge whites or “non-POCs”...
Reason First: Can Someone Be Too Black or Not Black Enough?
2 months ago
The issue over how “black” an individual is should be nil. Whatever the people who say that they’re “black” is actually a floating abstraction or concept are not grounded in reality. What does it mean...
Reason First: Should the Government Be Involved in Cornrows and Afros?
2 months ago
Nonessentials, like hair texture and skin color, should have no bearing on whether an employer hires a candidate or not. And there definitely should be no laws for or against natural hair. In reality,...
Reason First: Should the Governor of Alabama Sign Off on a Bill to Make Chemical Castration Legal?
2 months ago
For the monsters who feel that they can terrorize young children, chemical castration seems to be a fitting punishment for their vicious actions. It seems also that the state of Alabama could do one t...
Reason First: Should More Than Just Marijuana Be Legalized?
3 months ago
Marijuana is the du jour semi-legal drug in America today as far as a push for federal legalization is concerned. But why not other drugs? Can’t heroin and opioids be legalized and freely available, r...