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Reason First: Strike Against Alyssa Milano's Strike
9 days ago
In the Lysistrata yarn by Greek playwright Aristophanes, women withhold sexual congress until the men in the Peloponnesian War lay down their arms. In the centuries since this play saw action on the s...
Reason First: Has the Government Broken Mark Zuckerberg?
2 months ago
It’s a shame to see one of the youngest, brightest minds in charge stoop to a level of a pushover. Residue from the pressure that Congress issued out against Mr. Mark Zuckerberg drove him to pen his l...
Reason First: Can One Billion Dollars Really Help Build the Wall?
2 months ago
A border to keep people out of the United States makes as much sense as one keeping citizens within the country. The Pentagon’s decision to transfer one billion dollars to construct over 50 miles of f...
Reason First: Is the Black Woman Still a Target in the World?
2 months ago
It doesn’t take an alleged white supremacist to violate the rights of another black woman, this time a senior citizen abused by a black male. While the videographers continued to capture the brief, lo...
Reason First: Is the Black Woman a Target in the World?
2 months ago
The fury of the alleged white supremacist man is a thirst, that may never be quenched. For Austin Shuffield, the man charged with aggravated assault, interference with a 911 call, and public intoxicat...
Reason First: Will the Real Joe Biden Please Take a Seat?
2 months ago
Ever the windbag, former vice president Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. has slipped up once again. By a twist of the tongue, Biden put himself in the position to claim that he will run for president of th...