Sean Patrick

I have been a film critic for more than 17 years and worked professionally, as a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association for the past 6 years. My favorite movie of all time is The Big Lebowski because it always feels new. 

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TV Review: Hulu's 'The Looming Tower'
9 months ago
The Looming Tower is a terrific bit of potboiler television. That it also happens to hue very closely to the historic record prior to and immediately after September 11th makes it all the more compell...
'Add Trump Ruin An X-Mas Song' Trends on Twitter
a year ago
Christmas is around the corner and all over social media as well and while Christmas is in the air, so are politics as people react to nearly everything to do with President Donald Trump. In recent weeks, there was the passage of the tax bill, the seeming end of Net Neutrality, and various other notable and, at times, meme-worthy moments from President Trump and the ongoing investigation of his Presidential campaign ties to Russia. Naturally, the time of the year and the atmosphere around the Pr...