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Opinion: A Merkel-Less Germany Would Ruin Europe
a year ago
As the news comes that Angela Merkel, German Chancellor for the last 12 years, cannot reach a coalition agreement, the problems it may cause are raised around the world. To understand this, it has to ...
Political Influences
a year ago
As a new defence secretary, Gavin Williamson, is appointed after the departure of Sir Michael Fallon, I look at whether pre-existing factors influence an individual's voting intention. Williamson, the...
Why I Don't Wear a Poppy for November 11th
a year ago
To begin with, I must outline that I do not wear a poppy, but I will donate to the British Legion and will always respect the fallen. As a millennial who does not wear a poppy for Remembrance Day, I r...
2017: The Year British Politics Became Popular
a year ago
At the beginning of 2017 it would not have been incorrect to suggest that politics in Britain was not a spoken about topic. However, as we enter November, it has now become something widely discussed ...