Ruth Green

A travel/photo/journalist, I graduated from Georgia State University in 2016 with an Associates in Journalism. It is my intention to write about any and everything. Currently, writing a book about my homeless experience in Seattle.

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'Everything You Love Will Burn'
7 months ago
By the time this book was completed, its author, Vegas Tenold, had spent six years living among extreme white nationalist groups in America. Having covered conflicts in different parts of the world for many years Tenold “felt that the path to defeating extremism was through understanding it.” Tenold never tried to hide his identity or his reasons for doing what he did. As he traveled to the many cities in America, where extremist rallies have taken place Tenold was able to experience first hand ...
Homeless in Seattle
2 years ago
In the 21st century, homelessness is rampant in most major cities of America. It exists on a large scale and can be easily seen no matter where you go. Take Seattle for example and I write from experi...