Ronalee Hutchingame

I am a military wife of 13 years with an 8 yr old daughter. Proud Canadian. I've become politicized these last couple of years, as many of you probably have as well. I am about fairness, openness, acceptance, education and understanding. 

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Anger and Self-Radicalization in the Times of Trump
8 months ago
Before 2016, I had very little knowledge of, or interest in, US politics. I’m a middle-aged Canadian woman, and I’ve always lived in Ontario. I’d barely ever expressed an interest in the politics of m...
Revisiting Election Night 2016
8 months ago
The morning of November 9, 2016 when I was still reeling from the reality of what had happened the night before with the election, I needed to put into words how I felt. I needed to exorcise from my b...
The GOP Under Hoover and Trump
8 months ago
When Trump was first elected on November 8th of 2016, parallels from the left and from chaosticians alike began to circulate literally overnight referencing the similarities between Trump and Hitler. ...