Robert Wells

Robert Wells is a freelance writer from North Carolina. His specialties include history, film and video games.

Legacy of the Confederacy Part IV
9 months ago
Just southwest of the White House, a massive statue of Abraham Lincoln upon a throne sits in a building designed to resemble an ancient Greek temple. Like a god, Lincoln looms over those who stand bef...
The Legacy of the Confederacy Part III
9 months ago
In 1915, the film Birth of Nation wowed audiences with its groundbreaking cinematic techniques. Critics today regard the movie as the first blockbuster, and even President Woodrow Wilson hosted a scre...
The Legacy of the Confederacy Part II
10 months ago
On May 19, 2017, a statue of Robert E. Lee, the military leader of the Confederate States of America, was removed from a public square in New Orleans a mere 152 years after the defeat of the Confedera...
The Legacy of the Confederacy Part I
10 months ago
One of the questions immigrants must answer correctly when taking the test to become a U.S. citizen is “What was the Civil War fought over?” There are three “acceptable” answers: Slavery States' Right...