Philipa Asiemo

I'm an African girl with a sharp mind.

Cultural Assimilation vs. Cultural Appropriation
a month ago
Alright children (especially white girls and coon black men)! Gather round. Mama has something to say! First thing is first, black girls? you can do whatever you want with your hair. You can wear weav...
Appreciate Not Appropriate!
a month ago
EXTRA! EXTRA!! DO NOT APPROPRIATE MINORITY CULTURE!!! Ladies and gentlemen, Boys and girls, White people. I have heard a lot of bullshit in my life on why culture vultures (people who steal from other...
Ally, Bye!
2 months ago
Calling all Allies of marginalized groups! Calling all allies of marginalized groups! If you say you are an ally, get your ass in here! It all started yesterday when I read a tweet that accused member...