Peter Rose

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Funding Public Health Care Provision
a year ago
Funding public health care, a world wide problem. Only the most draconian dictatorships decide to not provide some sort of public health care, funded at least partly by the state. Most nations in the ...
Political Promises
a year ago
Political promises Lies Under Another Name I keep seeing social media posts, supporting politicians who promise to deal with all the world's problems. If only they get into power. They make it seem so...
Political "Education" of the Young
2 years ago
Should teachers be allowed to politically educate our children? This essay results from reading a post on Facebook. A post was questioning why do some on the Left continue to apparently ignore the mil...
International Interference in American Elections
2 years ago
International interference in domestic elections. In the media, there are claims that the United States of America is accusing Russia of “tampering” with their (U.S.) election. To a Brit in England, t...
International Aid Does More Harm Than Good
2 years ago
There is a book (Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo) that claims that international development aid has resulted in greater poverty. This is not the first report to point out the adverse results of "development...
Deterioration of Political Debate
2 years ago
There are lots of reports of extreme nastiness and violent hatred over political opinion. Rationally this is difficult to comprehend since politics is such a fluid every changing concept and these are...