Patrick Hollis

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Brazil Election 2018: A Swing Across the Political Spectrum for the South American Nation
10 months ago
Brazil is a culturally and socially diverse nation which has as colourful a history as any other country on the planet. It is also in the midst of a highly significant election which could see all of ...
Clement Attlee's Brave New World
10 months ago
The end of the Second World War brought about huge social and political change in the United Kingdom. The election of July 1945 was proof that the war-weary country wanted a new leader to take them fo...
Tory Infighting Continues to Plague Brexit Efforts
a year ago
As it has been since the referendum result in 2016, Brexit is constantly in the peripheral vision for the UK. The end of year deadline to secure a deal is fast approaching, but the way in which the ta...
US/North Korea Summit: Historic Agreement Would Be First of Many Steps to Peace
a year ago
The impending meeting of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un is arguably one of the most significant in modern times. It shows either that old enemies are genuinely willing to discuss issues in person around...