Patrick Hollis

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Why Jeremy Corbyn Will Not Be PM
7 months ago
Great Britain is at present, and for the last few years, essentially been a two-party country. At this point in time the Labour Party, Britain’s opposition party, should be able to either challenge th...
Martial Law Imposed in Ukraine as Tensions with Russia Increase Once More
8 months ago
The latest and most significant upscale of tensions between the Ukraine and Russia has had such major repercussions around the Ukraine that President Peter Poroshenko has imposed Marshall Law on the s...
Why Hilary Clinton's Comments on Immigration Show the Weaknesses of the Centre Left
8 months ago
Former Democratic Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton this week suggested a plan for Europe to prevent the rise of right wing populists; by essentially taking a leaf out of their book. Talking with ...
Brexit Secretary 3.0: Who Is Next to Sip from the Most Poisoned Chalice in British Politics?
8 months ago
The role of Brexit secretary is perhaps the most talked about position in European politics these days. Stephen Barclay is the third MP to be given the seemingly impossible task of leading the UK into...
Why the UK and US Have Yemeni Blood on Their Hands
8 months ago
The conflict in the Arab nation of Yemen has raged for over three years and cost thousands of lives. It has also been a root cause of one of the world’s largest ever man-made famines, affecting over 1...
First Glimpse of Brexit Deal Could Be Nail in Theresa's Coffin
8 months ago
There was a significant breakthrough was made in the UK’s Brexit divorce deal on Wednesday with the news that a draft of the agreement has been completed. The 500 page document was presented to Theres...