Patrick Hollis

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Brexit Deal and Confidence Votes Yield Little Surprise
7 months ago
This week has been another of frustration and chaos for the UK’s Brexit plans. It started with Theresa May’s deal being roundly trounced in the House of Commons on Tuesday, a vote of confidence on Wed...
Theresa May Pushed to Brink as Her Brexit Deal Suffers Commons Vote Defeat
7 months ago
The United Kingdom’s European Union departure took yet another hit last night as Theresa May’s Brexit deal received its expected heavy defeat in the MP’s vote. Before this vote, the Prime Minster sugg...
NHS 10 Year Plan—Has It Ticked the Boxes?
7 months ago
Earlier this week, Prime Minister Theresa May announced the Conservative Party’s 10-year plan for the NHS. It pledged to save seven million lives by tackling dangerous diseases through earlier diagnos...
US Government Shutdown: Cracks in the Wall
8 months ago
The partial government shutdown has now been in-place for over two weeks and there appears to be little chance of it coming to an end anytime soon. The reasoning behind the shutdown was the Senate’s f...
How the UK Poverty Problem Caused by a Faltering Government Is Being Overlooked
8 months ago
There is an issue in UK society which only tends to come into the spotlight when there is little else in the news. It is usually mentioned more around the festivities but with many political heads tur...
Brazil's New Leader: Why the World Should Be Concerned
8 months ago
New Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was officially sworn into office on New Year’s Day, confirming that he is determined to rid Brazil of corruption and promised to create a unified society. His ra...