Patrick Hollis

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Three Democrats Who Could Defeat Trump
8 days ago
Several Democrats have officially announced that they will be running for the candidacy of their party. The party needs interior changes after Hilary Clinton’s defeat in 2016 to a non-political candid...
Labour Shows Support for Second Referendum—but at What Cost?
19 days ago
This week the Labour Party officially announced that the party would, as a collective, seek out and support efforts for a second Brexit referendum, fulfilling their expectations of being the party to ...
The Independent Group: How It Splits the Left
a month ago
This week has seen a handful of UK Members of Parliament leaving the independent centralist group. Eight MPs have parted ways with their parties in what can be described as a protest, the way in which...
FDR: Overcoming Illness to Rebuild a Nation
a month ago
Franklin Delano Roosevelt will always be fondly remembered as the President who pulled the United States out of the Great Depression and led them into war to prevent the spread of fascism. Furthermore...
Green Party: A Near Future Alternative
2 months ago
The ongoing stalemate in the Houses of Parliament would have left some UK voters questioning the loyalty to any of the three established parties. With Conservatives and Labour attempting to undermine ...
Brexit Deal and Confidence Votes Yield Little Surprise
2 months ago
This week has been another of frustration and chaos for the UK’s Brexit plans. It started with Theresa May’s deal being roundly trounced in the House of Commons on Tuesday, a vote of confidence on Wed...