Nick Carter

25 year old living in Devon UK. Interested in Politics, History and Gossip. 

I currently write as a hobby. I am also saving for a wedding so if you are willing, able and like my articles please consider leaving a gift.

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How to Become King/Queen of England?
a year ago
Let’s face it, all of us at some point or another have dreamed of themselves as King or Queen… No? Okay, it must just be me then. But how does one become King or Queen? To answer this, we need to look...
How to Become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
2 years ago
It is probably no secret that most MP’s have once dreamed of being Prime Minister. But for someone to get the keys to number 10 Downing Street they have to go down a long hard road. Before one becomes...
Did Donald Trump Just Cross the Floor?
2 years ago
Today Donald Trump did something that no president has done before. (No surprise there.) He was presented with two deals. One Democrat, one Republican, and he chose Democrat. In the UK, we have a phra...
Liar in Waiting
2 years ago
In the United States there is the liar in chief. Donald Trump. A man who spins such a terrible web of lies that they can be disproved the second he has finished speaking. Here in the UK, luckily, our ...
How Much Do We Brits Pay for the Queen?
2 years ago
Can anyone argue that there is nothing more British than Queen Elizabeth II or her main residence, Buckingham Palace? Both sell the UK overseas to our friends and neighbours and act as magnets for ove...