Morgan P.

I have a passion for writing, creating, and expressing myself. My number one goals  are to provide healing, understanding, and awareness. An uplifting voice in a chaotic place in our country. I'm a student, daughter, and sister. 

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Having No Fear in an America That's Trying to Make Us Powerless
6 months ago
When I think about movements of progress and innovation, I picture courageous leaders. These women, men, and even young folks that are passionate, or inspired by their communities, the wrongdoings tha...
Waiting for Our Land to Be Free
a year ago
When is enough, enough? Having the endless pit of rejection can lead a person to do anything for extra money. The economy has been far from perfect for so many decades, and it seems like progress in r...
Why to Not Silence Your Voice as a Black Female
a year ago
The event was going better than I thought. This was finally our time. A young black woman living in Middletown, Pennsylvania created an anti-hatred, racist, sexist (all the above) demonstration and no...