Monsoor Ali

I am a father, teacher, writer, producer, artist, activist, and student of life...
Based in Washington DC. 

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Vote for Humanity
9 months ago
Donald Trump has been repetitively exposed as and proven beyond any shadow of a doubt to be a notorious liar. On endless occasions in the public eye, he has falsified so much information that is readi...
Why Voting Is Still Important Even If You're Black and Fed Up
9 months ago
There is a very popular yet understandable misconception in this country regarding the effects of citizen voting. Because of the misunderstanding of how the Electoral College works, voting fraud, as w...
To Stand or Not To Stand
9 months ago
Let's clear some things up so that you can understand “our” perspective as conscientious objectors without you having a shadow of a doubt as to where we stand. Why would I, as a black man, pledge alle...