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Analysis: 'Discourse on the Origin of Inequality' by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
5 months ago
Note: I don't remember why there are no embedded citations throughout the paper. Perhaps they were unnecessary as this was the only text being analyzed. Regardless, I thought I'd include this in case ...
John Locke's Democratic Self-Rule: An Analysis
a year ago
John Locke’s political theory has often been described as moving towards a principle of democratic self-rule. His differences from traditionally democratic behaviour are characterised by the notions o...
Žižek on Violence - Part Two
a year ago
This entry will cover the last three chapters of Slavoj Žižek’s book, Violence, in the second part of a series. Here, I will pick up right where I left off in the previous essay, first by talking abou...
Žižek On Violence - Part One
a year ago
This entry will be dealing with the first three chapters of Slavoj Žižek’s book, Violence, in a two-part series serving as an effort to reflect on how literature, entertainment culture, philosophy. an...
The Politics of Communal Violence
a year ago
Communal violence is a systemic process rooted in significative historical and political contexts, which is shared among and used by every member of a given community. In terms of conflict, it is the ...
Violence as Resistance: Part Two
a year ago
We often think of violence as an irrational avenue of a few individuals in society to fulfill their own interests, characterized by little to no rhyme or reason. We also think of violent acts as compl...