Mike Bernos

Mike Bernos is a journalist and songwriter whose songs appear on Pandora, Spotify, and Sirius XM under the name of Spice and the Po Boys. He will be publishing his novella, "A Devil's Tale (of love and redemption)" in August. 

Searching for Political Viagra
6 months ago
The definition of dysfunction is the state of being unable to perform in a normal way. The Republican-led Senate fits that definition, as it is unable to pass health care reform despite having the maj...
Blue Crab Blues
7 months ago
Last weekend I drove down to Venice, La., the last town accessible by car before the mouth of the Mississippi River. It is popular among fisherman who put in there to fish the fecund waters of the Gul...
A Day at the Races
7 months ago
On a trip to New Orleans recently, I forayed into the Fair Ground Race Track to visit a past life of mine, a time when I made my living as a Jockey’s agent — a time when I lived off adrenaline and fas...