Méave Gallagher

"It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself. "

The Declaration Of Arbroath 1320

Dear Theresa,
a year ago
Although you are the Prime Minster of the UK as whole, I feel the need to write this letter regarding my issues that are split between devolved and reserved matters, and as the UK Prime Minster it would appear devolved only cross your remit when it comes to the Barnett formula and how funding is allocated to the different nations within the UK, or does it? I myself live in Scotland, and since 1999, Scotland has been granted its own devolved parliament. Initially, it was known as the Scottish Exe...
Birth to Death
a year ago
Every since the Scottish referendum in 2014, the SNP has been running amok with legislation. There are those in Scotland asking for the SNP to get on with the day job, without understanding that while...
A Face Saving Rewrite of Named Person
a year ago
Parts 4 and parts 5 of the children and young person Act (Scotland)2014, that are currently revoked from law and commonly known as named person and child plans, are making their way back to the Scotti...
This Is a United Kingdom?
a year ago
The UK General Election 2017 was the result of Theresa May's Government deciding that a snap general election was the best way forward for "the country". I agreed that it is a difficult position that Mrs May had been placed in, and the desire to bring "the country" together to rein in a strong front for the UK to sit round the negotiation table for Brexit that would honour the democratic will of the people of the UK to leave. With the result yielding a hung parliament and Conservatives finding t...
Don't Be Hoodwinked
a year ago
General elections are oh so civilized and bring out the best in people, not! Roll on Thursday, the general election is getting boring. Political campaigns are the biggest hypocritical joke on the plan...
A Good Humbling
a year ago
The general election is making me laugh, only because we have a saying in Scotland "if ye did'nae laugh ye wid grete" translation from Scots, if you didn't laugh you would cry. The tears of happiness ...