Lorraine Woiak

I am a psychology and music major at the University of North Dakota. As a part of the Army ROTC program, I am working towards a career as a military psychologist. 

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The Hidden Slavery
25 days ago
Sherry Johnson, age 11, is a new parent and a soon-to-be wife. Instead of attending school and socializing with friends, she is forced to pay bills, change diapers, and focus on house chores. Soon, sh...
Institutions vs Independent Living
9 months ago
The issue of putting the elderly or people of disabilities in institutions versus allowing them to live independently has been a debate for years. While there are many arguments for both sides, many p...
Stuck in the Middle
a year ago
Politics. It's everywhere. Nobody likes it, yet everyone talks about it. Now more than ever it seems. Social media, news channels, billboards, shirts, everything bares the motos and names of politicia...