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Civics and Constitutional Rights Need to Be Mandatory in American Curriculum
3 months ago
So in the spirit of Orange Is the New Black, California is the new Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Immigration or legal immigration is the new desegregation or integration. California is the new Confederacy acting to subvert the Union. Perhaps California needs to get honest and admit it wants to return to Mexico as a province and cease to exist as a U.S. State. If President Trump needs to pull an Ike or JFK by sending in federal troops to California to protect American borders, then the Pre...
Is California the New Confederacy?
3 months ago
The ICE storm cometh. President Trump is scheduled to visit California the week of March 12. Trump plans to view prototypes of the border wall while in San Diego. Last week U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions filed a lawsuit against the Sanctuary State of California over three state laws that the feds state obstructs federal immigration law. The media has called the immigration battle between California and the Federal government a showdown akin to a Civil War over polar opposite immigration pol...
ICE Storm Warning: Events Heat Up in California Towards Showdown Between Sanctuary State and Trump
4 months ago
Round One: Sessions versus Schaaf over Sanctuary City policies The Feds have told California Sanctuary Policies "We're Not Going to Take it Anymore!" ICE is saying it in actions to back up those words as the immigration debate plays out between both sides with California as the battleground. Now that the feds have stopped playing with California officials on Sanctuary ordinances, might California's Swan Song end up being "I Fought the Law and the Law Won?" Clearly the feds will not negotiate wit...
Immigrant: What's in a Name
4 months ago
Immigrants and immigration are no doubt the hottest buttons in political debates recently. On March 5th, 2018, many Dreamers, AKA DACA recipients, marched on DC demanding a resolution to the DACA deal. March 5th was the deadline, but so far, no final bipartisan agreement has been reached. So the Dreamers made their voice known. Words and our choice of terms are potent. When it comes to immigration debates, DACA, Dreamers, Undocumented, and Immigrants are commonly used in mainstream liberal media...
Oakland Obstruction? Did Mayor Libby Schaaf Violate the Alien Harboring Act?
4 months ago
A recent tweet on twitter after Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf warned her Sanctuary City of upcoming Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) law enforcement action read: By alerting law breakers, any 'death by illegal' or even injury by same in @Oakland is on your Mayor. Best lawyer up, I would think. #ICE #Obstruction. On February 28, 2018 Fox News ran the headline: DOJ looking into possible obstruction charge against Oakland mayor who warned of ICE raid. Between the left and right positions on M...
Is It News or Recent Historical Fiction?
4 months ago
Is it news or recent historical fiction? Immigration is center stage. From DACA, sanctuary cities, executive orders, and of course, ICE and the border. Nothing gets both sides of the debate as fired up as ICE. As California heads for a a showdown with the Trump Administration as a sanctuary state, other immigration controversies are making waves throughout the country. In the last two months, certain immigration stories have received national coverage. Headlines retweeted across social media, op...