Kubvoruno Dzimiri

I enjoy writing about business, the economy, social issues, and my experiences growing up in Germany,Saudi Arabia, the U.S. & Zimbabwe.I also own a tutoring company, helping my students in Math and English.Work hard, be open-minded! 

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I'm a Black Democrat, Not a Fan of Trump, but I May Be Open to Voting for Him, Maybe
3 months ago
I've been a Democrat-leaning Independent ever since I became an American citizen in 2006. In the last three presidential elections I've voted for the Democratic Candidate for president. For the mid-te...
Why You Must Have Close Friends that Have Political Beliefs Different from Your Own
3 months ago
I've always had close friends of different political stripes. It's enriched my life, and enabled me to have empathy for people who I may disagree with, but still able to continue to have a cordial rel...