Kubvoruno Dzimiri

I enjoy writing about business, the economy, social issues, and my experiences growing up in Germany,Saudi Arabia, the U.S. & Zimbabwe.I also own a tutoring company, helping my students in Math and English.Work hard, be open-minded! 

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I'm a Black Democrat, Not a Fan of Trump, but I May Be Open to Voting for Him, Maybe
a day ago
I've been a Democrat-leaning Independent ever since I became an American citizen in 2006. In the last three presidential elections I've voted for the Democratic Candidate for president. For the mid-te...
Why You Must Have Close Friends that Have Political Beliefs Different from Your Own
15 days ago
I've always had close friends of different political stripes. It's enriched my life, and enabled me to have empathy for people who I may disagree with, but still able to continue to have a cordial rel...