KJ Thomas

I'm chasing after whatever this whole thing is building to.  You can talk back to me here:  https://agnostic.com/member/KJThomas  and my profile artwork was made by my good friend Tabitha: https://www.instagram.com/tabithaslander/

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Brain Scan
a year ago
I halted all medical treatments for Attention Deficit Disorder in the year 2000 when I was sixteen years old. My grades had never shown any improvement, and each drug seemed to come with a worse side ...
Bow Down Before the Gun God
a year ago
Ritual human sacrifice has played a wide range of roles in history. Some cultures have believed that a god would simply trade favors for an offering. Some cultures dispatched their offerings as messen...
What's Capitalism Got to Do with It?
a year ago
I don't like talking to strangers, but today, some lady approached me. "Do you have a cold too?" Well yes. I'd prefer to huddle in the corner and sulk, but if someone wants to commiserate, I will rele...